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If you are looking for a security company that offers various professional security services in Bournemouth then you don't have to look any further, Event Security Bournemouth provides the security services with excellence. Event Security Bournemouth has provided various add to event customers with a range of different security services, for example last weekend it provided door supervisors for a lady's 40th birthday. Event Security Bournemouth was established in May 2001 and it has built a sector-leading reputation for the provision of professional security services. Event Security Bournemouth has worked hard to become a trusted site security service company in Bournemouth.

Event Security Bournemouth is proud to offer only the best security guards. Here at Event Security Bournemouth, we have a rigorous recruitment process and use only the best security guards in Bournemouth, the vast majority of our guards have experience in the army and the police.
Event Security Bournemouth has a system for up to 100 users and we are an independently owned primarily UK-based technology specialist, recognised internationally for designing and creating innovative security solutions. Capitalizing in bespoke security solutions can save business damages later.
All of our security officers are fully trained, SIA accredited, and crb checked. Event Security Bournemouth are now looking for a number of new security officers to join our team to operate and delivers security officers that guarantees quality in Bournemouth.
The security team from Event Security Bournemouth assures you that your event, property and all the attendees are in good hands. The security team from Event Security Bournemouth always operate to the client's specifications.

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Event Security Bournemouth offers both corporate and retail security services which are not only SIA approved, but also custom designed to suit the needs of all their clients. The retail security guards from Event Security Bournemouth will effectively tackle the shrinkage caused by shoplifters.

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With their main focus as excellent customer services, Event Security Bournemouth provides effective solutions to all your event's security requirement. Event Security Bournemouth really understands that providing high level customer service is as important as safety and security solutions'standards.

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We have been established over 30 years ago, Event Security Bournemouth is an award-winning event and venue security specialist dedicated to achieving excellence in crowd management. Event Security Bournemouth specialised security is one of Dorset leading and most well-established security, stewarding and crowd management companies, currently providing a series of high-quality security solutions and services for a diverse market throughout the UK.

Event Security Services from Event Security Bournemouth

Event Security Bournemouth event security services are a leading independent specialist in event security from conferences and seminars'football crowd management'music festivals and concerts'beer festivals'carnivals'private movie screenings'trade fairs'motorcycle rallies and shows. Event Security Bournemouth provide security guard services including door supervisors, event security and retail security services in Bournemouth, East Cliff, Bournemouth, East Cliff and Dorset our specialist team at Event Security Bournemouth event security services offer a bespoke solution for your events safety and security requirements.

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One of the advantages of licensing is that in makes sure that private security operatives are competent to operate in the industry. The Security Industry Association qualification award affirms that the person has completed the security training course and qualifies to apply for the respective SIA licenses and operate within the private security industry.