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Security Guards

All Event Security Essex security guards are reliable, elegantly dressed and have a SIA license. All Event Security Essex security guards are carefully selected and thoroughly tested, extremely educated in providing excellent customer service. The knowledge that professional, experienced security guards from Event Security Essex are on site during the event provides peace of mind to those present. Here at Event Security Essex, we can provide security guards who meet your specific requirements, regardless of whether you need high visibility or more careful guards to remain secret.

A national review of event security in Essex was very complementary of Event Security Essex. Event Security Essex is an independently owned, we provide a national service for event security Essex covering the UK from our offices in, Colchester and Southend-on-Sea, west Chelmsford.
Besides to our security services, we also offer training and education for individuals and groups, developing skills in accordance with our own well-honed methods and practices. Event Security Essex partners with its clients to deliver a service that is truly best practice, providing exceptional security services for events, exhibitions/expos and construction sites.
Our main duties include visiting sites to ensure that all aspects of the security contracts are being adhered to, and management of contracted security officers. We have become the #1 supplier of security services in Essex, over the years with fully vetted and trained security officers.
Event Security Essex security is more than just a reputable security company, it's a professional and versatile business that applies bespoke solutions to every possible security requirement. Since Event Security Essex was started, we have gained a reputation as a top experienced security company with a fresh, energetic and forward thinking management team providing the maximum level of professionalism which others struggle to achieve.

Expert Security Team from Event Security Essex

Being a renowned security company in Essex, Event Security Essex specialises in CCTV and guard services, monitoring, business security alarm and property protection as well. Event Security Essex is a renowned company in Essex for their combination of retail guard services with CCTV and alarm security services.

Security Professionals in Essex, United Kingdom

Event Security Essex security professionals are highly trained to resolve clashes or issues as soon as they start so you can trust that with our security company in control, your establishment sure will run so smoothly it will surprise you. Give the control of your security control of your event or establishment to the security professionals from Event Security Essex either for a single day on trial basis or on a long-term contract basis and witness for yourself how slim the chances of going back are.

Alarm Response from Event Security Essex in Essex

If by any chance a member of a security company's staff suffers an accident while on duty responding to an alarm response call-out, the said security operative should have a reasonable compensation claim in a court of law on grounds of corporate negligence or the likes. Event Security Essex offers quality managed security services such as alarm response, key-holding, CCTV, housing patrols, canine units and security guards at competitive prices.

Close Protection Services from Event Security Essex

Event Security Essex has been offering professional and reliable security solutions including door supervision and close protection in Essex and beyond for over 20 years now. The services offered by Event Security Essex range from asset protection, event stewarding to close protection services to create the best possible event experience.

Security Solutions from Event Security Essex

Event Security Essex security is a UK provider of first-class security solutions and the top security supplier in Essex. Event Security Essex bespoke security solutions are each tailored with our clients' specific security requirements in mind.