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At Event Security Harrow, Harrow employs security guards to protect you, your property, your assets, or all three from any kind of criminal activity. Here at Event Security Harrow, our highly trained security guards can control access and quickly respond to emergencies, ensuring the smooth operation of your big day. A trespasser is dealt with by an immediate response as soon as it's detected by the cameras, which can be streamed in real-time and can be viewed remotely at a fixed location or via a mobile app that is cost-effective when compared to keeping a permanent security guard on site. Here at Event Security Harrow, we have a rigorous recruitment process and use only the best security guards in Harrow, the vast majority of our guards have experience in the army and the police.

The security services of Event Security Harrow are available 24/7, you can contact the company by phone, email or by paying self visit. Event Security Harrow operates to following British standards under the scope of its quality management systems to provide highly professional and competitive security services underpinned by the company's efforts to continually improve quality, value for money, flexibility and reliability for its valuable clients.
When you want to hire a door supervisor in Harrow to get peace of mind call Event Security Harrow on 020 3633 7921. Some of Event Security Harrow services include licensed by the SIA, door supervisors are a necessary addition to your event or venue to help ensure safety and security of your customers and the event you are holding.
The event crew from Event Security Harrow delivers comprehensive crewing support for corporate events across the UK. Event Security Harrow provides security services to events such as festivals, corporate events and charities.
Event Security Harrow is a renowned supplier of event and show security equipment for events and exhibitions in Harrow and is among the top 10% of contractors. We know for sure that for more than two decades, we have delivered professional show and event security solutions to companies, organisations and individuals organising one-off events.

Expert Security Team from Event Security Harrow

For quality, effective and discreet private security services in Harrow, be sure to choose Event Security Harrow. The SIA qualification award affirms that the trainee fully completed the security training course and that they qualify to apply for the respective SIA licenses and operate within the private security industry.

Event Security Harrow Offer Crowd Control

Now our gig security officers are highly-trained in access and crowd control, and emergency planning procedure to ensure your gig never gets out of hand. Event Security Harrow professional SIA-licensed security officers have a wealth of experience and knowledge that ensures any event runs smoothly and everybody is kept safe, from front of house security and mobile patrols to crowd control and emergency planning.

Event Security Harrow Offer Event Security in Harrow

Event Security Harrow event security provides the peace of mind that an expertise team of SIA licensed professionals are monitoring and addressing the security and safety elements of your event, no matter the size. Every setting and occasion requires distinctive methodology also, measures to guarantee the most complete setting and event security in Harrow, it is basically not a one size fits all benefit – frequently gave by the lion's share of security organisations in Greater London.

Coporate Security Guards in Harrow, Greater London

If organising an event in Harrow and in need of effective, reliable and discreet corporate security solutions, get in touch with Event Security Harrow. Event Security Harrow offers reliable and professional corporate security solutions to work specifically on VIPs in executive functions.

Retail Security from Event Security Harrow

Retail security officers from Event Security Harrow get to enjoy company incentives such as bonuses, complimentary treats and free transportation. Whether operating as event security guards, concierge security guards, construction security guards or even retail security guards, you can trust that with the experts from Event Security Harrow in control, you are in very safe hands.