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Berkshire based Event Security Hungerford is a national security company and a trusted provider of security services in all areas of Hungerford. Event Security Hungerford security service is directed and managed by former armed forces Ghurkhas, and for them; protection and honour are embedded into their values. Event Security Hungerford is the most diverse provider of risk management, security services and training, offering turn-key solutions to address our clients'most complex challenges. Event Security Hungerford is the leading provider of security services in the region, with a head office in Eddington, Eddington and within easy reach of the location.

Get a quote, in addition to providing world-class security guards in Hungerford, Event Security Hungerford also offers a wide range of security services that are available individually or as part of a special security package. Event Security Hungerford provides security guard officers to plenty of warehouses throughout the UK.
Event Security Hungerford were swift to recruit a team of 5 security officers for this assignment and we welcome them into the fold. Event Security Hungerford offers the services of event security officers in shows and events held across the Hungerford, Berkshire region.
Having worked in the events industry for many years Event Security Hungerford has been a responsible event security business. Event Security Hungerford risk and threat assessment is a primary function of event security, and esc is expert at it.
Event Security Hungerford crowd control, evacuation procedures, and even concierge and reception duties, are all provided by Event Security Hungerford security. Now we are desperately hoping to attract as many guests as possible paired with the hope that everyone who attends your event has a great time, it's imperative that your festival isn't without its fair share of festival crowd control officers.

Expert Security Team from Event Security Hungerford

From the moment you hire security staff from Event Security Hungerford security staff you will have peace of mind having knowledge that you can get on with other important task and know that we are handling everything. Event Security Hungerford always put in 100% to hire security staff in Hungerford.

Event Security Hungerford Are an Mobile Security Officers Provider

Event Security Hungerford provides mobile security solutions in Hungerford. Event Security Hungerford can also provide you internal mobile patrols, where the mobile security supervisor will be allowed to enter your building with their own set of keys in order to patrol your building as well as its outdoor perimeter.

Retail Security from Event Security Hungerford

Due to its rapid growth, Event Security Hungerford is hiring for the position of retail security officer who will primarily operate from Hungerford. Event Security Hungerford offers a wide range of security solutions including Key-holding, corporate security, construction site protection, and retail security among others.

Close Protection Services from Event Security Hungerford

Other than manned guards, Event Security Hungerford also provides close protection and security dog units. Each member of Event Security Hungerford's team of security experts has undergone close protection training and most have military backgrounds.

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Most of the time we believe this is key to providing a professional service to our clients, a standard which is unrivalled by other security companies in Hungerford. Our company have supported large projects in gas and electric in Hungerford as versus other security companies.