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Security Guards

All Event Security Penicuik clients have their own contract manager and direct contact with all our security guards working in Penicuik. Do not entrust the security of your event to ordinary security guards who have limited experience and basic civilian training, Event Security Penicuik is a leading provider of security services for events throughout the Penicuik region. For over two decades, Event Security Penicuik has deployed the best SIA licensed security guards in the region to meet diverse security needs. Midlothian based Event Security Penicuik have the largest database of security guards in Penicuik, and we can deploy security services in a short amount of time.

Hiring a Event Security Penicuik door supervisor in Penicuik will bring a sense of calm. Event Security Penicuik SIA door supervisor are experienced in helping to provide a safe and secure environment for a friendly and vibrant audience.
We know that the premier provider of show and event security in Penicuik, Auchendinny security is in the top five percent of acs contractors and is safe contractor approved. Event Security Penicuik have delivered professional show and event security solutions to companies, organisations and individuals in Penicuik for more than two decades.
Event Security Penicuik provides and adjusts the store security services to individual location requirements. Event Security Penicuik provides a complete, professional, complaint and adaptable security service.
You know that here at our main event security, we are regularly on the look out for talented and motivated festival stewards and trained SIA-approved staff. Event Security Penicuik risk and threat assessment is a primary function of event security, and esc is expert at it.

Expert Security Team from Event Security Penicuik

The experienced event security team from Midlothian based Event Security Penicuik ensures your event runs as smoothly as possible. The professional security team at Event Security Penicuik is highly trained to rapidly respond to emergencies and ensure your event runs without mishaps.

Event Security Penicuik Offer Crowd Control

Our party security guards, bouncers, crowd controllers are specially trained and skilled for private parties. Now our security team can manage crowd control and ensure everything moves smoothly, from parties to concerts we have the resources to manage events of any scale in Penicuik.

Security Solutions from Event Security Penicuik

Cabinet x-ray scanners are our core products but Event Security Penicuik has many years of experience of providing an extensive range of security solutions to aid the detection of suspect devices targeted at your organisation. Event Security Penicuik bespoke security solutions are tailored to our clients'specific security requirements.

Event Security Penicuik Offer Event Security Officers in Penicuik

Event Security Penicuik offer event security officers in Penicuik to cover all the security needs to make your event go without a hitch, our security officers are on hand 24/7. With the rise in the cyber security industry, our IT security training carefully tailored it course bundle to teach you recruitment and recruiting for SIA licensed security officers on your behalf; Event Security Penicuik are your beloved hotel brands, catering to the unique interests of our guests in its own distinct way.

Retail Security from Event Security Penicuik

In addition to providing highly experienced event and retail security guards, Event Security Penicuik also provides retail, office and building site security guards throughout the Penicuik region. Event Security Penicuik offers discreet and high profile retail security operatives who ensures a safe environment for both your customers and employees.